Winter. The trees are bare, the grass is brown, it feels like the earth is dead all around us. In February, after seemingly unending weeks of extreme cold, it can seem like relief will never come. However, we know that it‘s only a few more weeks before spring is here, and new life will emerge from the darkness.

The season of Lent reminds us of the same change happening in our spiritual lives. We were all lost in sin and darkness, with no relief in sight. And on that Good Friday long ago, it looked like all was lost when Jesus Christ died on that cross. Then Easter came, and with it the good news of salvation! Christ arose, and conquered death once and for all.

As we look at the cold and darkness all around us at the end of the winter season, we look forward to the new life that comes with spring. May it also be a reminder that while we were lost in the darkness of sin, Christ brought us new life in him.

Scott Haack, Elder

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