Women of
Virtue, Encouragement 
and Nurture
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 Program Overview:
  • September through May 
  • 2nd Saturday  of each month
  • 9 – 10:30 am
  • *Click here to go to a separate WOVEN Webpage that contains more in-depth information, past program information and pictures of past events.
  • NOTE: Cancellations due to weather can be confirmed through the KWQC Closing webpage. Look for “Christ’s Family Church – W.O.V.E.N. Program” in their cancellation listing.

WOVEN’s Mission:

      The mission of W.O.V.E.N is to provide opportunities for Christian women to educate, nurture and encourage each other through informal socialization and activities.  The goal is to develop and strengthen personal relationships and sense of community among women as well as to increase our understanding of God’s Word.
      Programs include an informal chat time, dessert breakfast, prayer and devotion time as well as a specific topic by a guest speaker.   Free babysitting is provided.
     All women and young teen  ladies of Christ’s Family Church are invited to attend and to invite guests.  Guests are always welcome.
Click here for  ADDITIONAL WOVEN INFORMATION (Past programs, pictures, etc)


7:14 GAP
Women’s Prayer Group
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7:14 GAP Key Verses:
2 Chronicles 7:14
Ezekiel 22:30
GAP is a women’s prayer group committed to pray God’s purposes for this church.
If you love to pray, come! If you find prayer difficult, come! If you have never been part of a group that prays together, come! No experience required! We would love to have you!
E.M. Bounds (1835-1913) was a lawyer, army, chaplain, and pastor. He spent the last seventeen years of his life reading, writing,  and rising before dawn every morning to pray.
From E.M. Bounds on Prayer, he writes.
“The life, power, and glory of the church is prayer. The life of its members is dependent on prayer and the presence of God is secured and retained by prayer. The very place is made sacred by its ministry. Without it, the church is lifeless and powerless. Without it, even the building itself is nothing, more or other, than any other structure. Prayer converts even the bricks, and mortar, and lumber, into a sanctuary. Prayer gives a peculiar sacredness to the building, sanctifies it, sets it apart for God, and conserves it from all common and mundane affairs….        
A church with prayer in it, 
has God in it”
Prayer Shawl
 **1st & 3rd Wednesdays of each month
** 10am
      The goal of the Prayer Shawl Ministry Team is to share our gifts of handiwork made with love and prayers to bring comfort, hope, joy, and peace to those in need or celebration on behalf of Christ’s Family Church.
Additional Information
     Handmade items that have been placed include: prayer shawls, baby blankets, chemo caps, graduating senior scarves, caps and socks to homeless shelters.
     Anyone who enjoys knitting or crocheting, or would like to learn, is invited to join this ministry team.  Yarn and needles are available – just come as you are!
 Contact persons:
  • Mavis Wahlert
  • Shirley DeWys
Small Group Women Bible Studies
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Small Group Bible
For information on current Small Group Women Bible Studies, contact the church office.
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