Women of
Virtue, Encouragement 
and Nurture
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September through May
2nd Saturday of each month
9 – 10:30 am
**NOTE: Cancellations due to weather can be confirmed through the KWQC Closing webpage.
Look for “Christ’s Family Church – W.O.V.E.N. Program” in their cancellation listing.


The mission of W.O.V.E.N is to provide opportunities for Christian women to educate, nurture and encourage each other through informal socialization and activities.  The goal is to develop and strengthen personal relationships and sense of community among women as well as to increase our understanding of God’s Word.
All women and young ladies of Christ’s Family Church are invited to attend and to invite guests.  Guests are always welcome.
Upcoming WOVEN Events: 
Woven is offering an opportunity to attend a “Women of Joy” conference in Branson, Mo. on October 10 thru 14, 2019. Their focus is bringing women from across the nation together to worship, praising God thru speakers and music.
This year the theme is Overwhelmed- finding peace in a chaotic world. Several women from our congregation are attending. Please consider joining us, setting aside the worries of the world and become overwhelmed by the LOVE of Christ.
For more information go online WOMENOFJOY.ORG.
To sign up for the trip see the information desk for more details