Children’s Ministry

Mission and Goals
 Mission Statement:
“To help families prepare children to have a lifelong, close relationship with Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior, equip them to serve Him and be an effective witness to His love in the world, so others may come to know Him also.”
1. Children will understand the Gospel message, recognize their need to be saved, and receive Jesus as their Lord and Savior.
2. Equip and encourage parents to be the primary spiritual nurturers of their children.
3. Children will learn to love God with all their heart, soul, mind and strength, trusting Him with everything and putting Him first in their lives.
4. Teachers will be able to form warm relationships with students and let them experience God’s love through them.
5. Children will understand that God loves them unconditionally, and that He made them each very special and unique for His great purposes.
6. Children will learn how to respond to God’s love by serving and loving others as themselves.
7. Children will learn to love God’s Word, recognize it is reliable and true, the inspired Word of God. They will know how to use it as a guide for their lives.
8. Children will memorize Bible verses that will help them when they are in difficult situations and will help them understand the Gospel.
9. Children will know the books of the Bible and how they fit together.
10. Recruit teachers who love Jesus and want to share that love with children.                       
11. Provide ongoing teacher training and support.
Updated 1/6/2015

What do we have for kids & their parents?

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We will not hide these truths
from our children;
we will tell the next generation
about the glorious deeds of the LORD,
about His power and
His mighty wonders.
…He commanded our ancestors
to teach them to their children,
so the next generation
might know them—
even the children not yet born—
and they in turn
will teach their own children.
So each generation should
set its hope anew on God,
not forgetting His glorious miracles
and obeying His commands.
Psalm 78:4-7 NLT